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An average consultation lasts between 1 - 1.5 hours and is a valuable opportunity to discuss your physical and emotional health in depth.


During the consultation the herbalist will ask questions about your current and past medical history, emotional wellbeing, family health, any medications and or supplements you are taking and diet and lifestyle details.


At the end of the consultation, with your permission, a blood pressure and pulse check will be done and where appropriate other relevant physical assessments.


After the consultation, I will spend time doing any necessary research and complete a treatment plan, which may include a herbal prescription, dietary and lifestyle advice and any further tests that may be required. 


A follow up review consultation will usually take place 2 - 4 weeks later. Further follow up consultations will be arranged as necessary to assess your progress; followed by check-ups every three to six months depending on the nature of your condition. 

In acute conditions, the effects of herbal medicine can be felt quite quickly while chronic, long-standing conditions require longer term treatment and support.

A medical herbalist has undergone extensive training in the art and science of natural medicine, including plant constituents and the synergies between plants; as well as potential interactions with pharmaceutical medications; which is one of the important  benefits of seeing a medical herbalist as a pose to buying a product off the shelf.

In partnership with you, you will be provided with a personalised and individualised plan, looking at the whole person and potential roots of illness and dis-ease, not just treating symptoms as pharmaceutical drugs often do. In this way it is the person who is treated not just the illness.

The elements of health and wellness coaching empower you to prioritise your health and wellbeing, move past obstacles that may have been holding you back and set clear and achievable health goals.

Online video consultations available where appropriate

​Home visits by arrangement




"I had been struggling with stress and anxiety and nothing the GP prescribed was helping me. Then I booked an appointment with Rachel and felt better immediately!, she really listened and understood me and within 2 weeks of taking the herbal medicine she prescribed I felt so much better, 3 months later I am back to feeling like my old self - I can't recommend her more highly.”

AP, West Yorkshire

“I consulted Rachel as my son was having a horrible time with eczema and allergies. Rachels caring and thoughtful manner really helped to put my son at ease and the treatments, diet and lifestyle advice proved very successful, we have noticed a significant improvement. Thank you so much Rachel”.

AL, Huddersfield

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